Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's fete time!

I moved into my house about 7 years ago. I love the area - the trees lining the street, the park across the road, the family atmosphere. But a little secret gem, which many people new to the area don't know about is the local school fete. Before I even moved in, the Fete Queen (also known as my mother) raved about it, especially the jams, chutneys and sweets. One store she neglected to mention was the cake store. 

I agreed to go with Mum a few months after moving in. I was pretty impressed. There were rides, stores, second hand stuff, but what I was really excited about was the cake store. It seemed like hundreds of cakes of various flavours and styles, all super cheap. I was sold, best fete ever.

When my son was enrolled and accepted into the school, I desperately wanted to be involved in the cake store. When I say desperately, I didn't actually go to any Parent & Friends Meetings or actively search out any information... I just waited to see when the newsletter started mentioning the fete or someone emailed. The request for help came and I responded with a little too much confidence. I wanted them to know I was there to help, to make cakes and that I could do some decorating. Some how I over sold myself and became the cake consultant, offering advice on icing and fondants and was being allocated the "hard cakes" to bake. In the end I was listed to bake 2 chocolate mud cakes, 8 red velvet cakes, 2 hummingbird cakes and the raffle cake - a carnival cake. Phew!

I initially intended on using buttercream to decorate my carnival cake, however the more I researched a cake design, the more I knew I had to use fondant. I had never used it before but really wanted to try. I had heard that using a marshmallow fondant was easier to make than traditional fondant, and tasted better. So after finding a pretty easy recipe online, I started planning.

The day before the fete, I started kneeding and rolling my fondant, and somehow a carnival tent cake started to form. I was amazed at as each element was added, the picture in my mind started to form in reality. It took about 2 hours to decorate, but when I was finished I was pretty chuffed with myself. I actually made a carnival cake. 


It was a huge success at the fete. The Mums running the store loved it. I also volunteered to sell behind the stall on the day, so got to see all the people coming in and admiring my cake. It was very exciting and now I can't wait to make my next fondant creation.

Oh, and yes, I managed to bake and ice all my allocated cakes as well. Here's proof!

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