Monday, June 25, 2012

Ladies who afternoon tea

On Friday, my friend at work was nice enough to share a lemon tart her boyfriend had made. The pastry was so delicate and the filling subtle and smooth. It made me want to bake tarts again. I had an old friend come for a visit on Sunday afternoon, so thought that would be the perfect time to make some tarts. The toddler was strangely behaving himself in the morning, so I started baking. I wanted a crumbly shell, something that wasn't too sweet, so went with the amazing Maggie Beer's sour cream pastry (I didn't roll it out as thin as I would have linked, but no worries). Then for the filling I had a massive bowl of fruit, so thought I'd do a creme anglaise with caramelised apples and pears.Accompanied with a nice hot cup of tea, they were the perfect afternoon snack to catch up over!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Peanut Crunch biscuits

June seems to be the month for birthday's at work. We even have two on the same day (I happen to be one of those two people). So that means lots of cake! We set up a cake roster so no one would have to bake on their own birthday, however now that I share a birthday with my boss, that little plan doesn't quite work. Oh well, good thing I like to bake.

For my bosses birthday I made some vanilla cupcakes with a choc-raspberry buttercream icing. I have made cupcakes a few times on this blog, so I won't post the recipe. However, I will post the recipe for the delicious little biscuits I also baked to accompany the cupcakes. The thing you need to know about the people in my office is that they like sweets and they don't like waiting until the afternoon for the birthday celebrations. For my bosses birthday, I made some Peanut Crunch Biscuits to help get the team through the day. They were buttery, peanuty and crumbly, which pretty much means perfect :-). Try them and you'll see.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reuben's cookies

It has rained the whole weekend. Not that much you can do when it rains. Luckily, baking is something you can do anytime! So Reuben and I spent some quality time together in the kitchen. I love baking with Reuben. The constant trying to eat the ingredients is annoying, but I love how much he wants to be involved. He pours everything into the bowl and always has to use the mixer (he's pretty good at it as well).

When deciding what to bake today, I thought back to my childhood and what it was that I liked eating. I instantly thought of iced vovo biscuits. Mum and Dad always bought biscuits for school lunches and to eat with coffee after their dinner. The iced vovo's were regulars in our cupboard. I didn't feel like sticking with tradition today, I thought we needed something a bit pretty to brighten up such a dull weekend, so we went with a flower shaped biscuit. Reuben didn't care either way, he just loved eating them!

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