Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celebration cheesecake!

My friend recently got married over in Fiji and last night was the first time I saw her since she changed from a Miss to a Mrs. Something was in order to celebrate, however being a Friday I was again lacking ideas and energy/time. The last time we caught up we chatted about cheesecake. I remembered making the Nutella No-Bake Cheesecake for my brother and his girlfriend a while ago and it was super fast and easy. On my way home I picked up the few ingredients I needed and went home to prepare. As I started making it though, I decided I wanted something different and suddenly craved caramel. So switched ideas and started making a caramel sauce. Before long dessert was ready and in the fridge to set. 

Dinner was a middle eastern inspired vegetable and chickpea stuffed eggplant (with some champers to celebrate). After dinner we busted out the wedding photos, all 800+ of them. It was so lovely seeing their day through the photos and the excitement and love they shared for each other. With so many pictures, we decided to stop half way for dessert. It was so creamy and smooth, and the caramel made it super rich. I found it hard to finish mine, however it was the perfect sugar kick to continue looking through the rest of the photos and amazing stories from their time away.

This is such an easy dessert, I think anyone could master it (even you Ms Borgna...). I think next time i make it I'll try a fruity flavour, maybe a mango or passionfruit. ENJOY.

Caramel cheesecake
1 cup caster sugar
20-60mL thickened cream
1 x packet chocolate oreo cookies
20g butter, melted
250g cream cheese
120mL thickened cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
80g dark chocolate, finely chopped (or shaved)

In a large saucepan over a medium to high heat melt the sugar. Using a pastry brush, make sure the sugar around the edges does not burn. You may also have to swish the sugar around a little to ensure it melts evenly. Once completely melted, allow the sugar to reach an amber colour and remove from the heat. Pour the 20 - 60mL cream into the saucepan and whisk immediately (be very careful, the melted sugar is extremely hot and could spit at this point and will also steam). Whisk until smooth, add as much cream as you like, the more cream, the runnier the consistency. Allow the caramel to cool (but not get stiff).

Crush the cookies to a fine crumb then stir through the melted butter. Press the cookie mix into the base of your glasses.

In a bowl,whip the cream cheese with the vanilla extract until smooth. In another bowl, beat the cream until it is thick then fold it through the cream cheese mix. Pour in your desired amount of caramel sauce as well as half the chocolate and fold until combined. Spoon the mixture into a piping bag and carefully pipe into the glasses. Pour some extra caramel sauce over the top and finish with a sprinkling of chocolate. Pop into the fridge for at least an hour to allow to fully set. Enjoy.   

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