Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunday lunch

One of my current favourite things to do is to go to the farmers market Saturday morning. I'm up before dawn with a baby who doesn't know the meaning of sleeping in, so why not make the most of it and go buy a bag full of fruit and vegies for only $13.10 (I love a bargain as much as a good farmers market).

On a recent visit to the markets, I bought a lovely pumpkin. I had made a delicious pumpkin soup a few weeks earlier, but wanted to try something different. The night before I'd seen a simple savoury pumpkin pie recipe on Better Homes and Gardens (don't judge!) and thought I'd try that. Problem though, I couldn't remember the exact ingredients, and I'm a recipe kind of girl. So, I went straight to my favourite recipe site and found a free-form pumpkin pie. I'm on a tight budget at the moment, so I scaled the recipe down just a bit and only used tasty cheese. Even as a budget style pie, it was DELICIOUS! Lots of great flavour and wasn't overly pumpkiny for those not big pumpkin fans.

For those Mums with babies, you might be wondering how I made this with a crazy, attention seeking bub around. Well, it was nap time. And this day he took a wonderfully long nap, so I indulged and baked some more.

My next attempt for the afternoon was a chocolate olive oil cake. The cake was beautifully moist, however, I just used ingredients I already had at home, and unfortunately I only had cheap olive oil, so the olive oil flavour was a bit strong and not as nutty as it probably should have been, but nevertheless, it was a nice cake.

While the cake was baking bubba woke up, and it was lunch time. So with my free-form pumpkin pie, and my moist chocolate olive oil cake, my husband and I were ready for a lovely lunch. Our little boy however wasn't much of a fan of the pumpkin pie, a little too sweet for him, so he stuck with vegemite on bread.

I have another trip to the markets planned for this weekend and already planning another tasty Sunday lunch! Maybe this week I'll achieve something for the whole family.

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